SOS La Palma, why?

The global financial crisis and its effects, has brought tough times to Spain and its inhabitants. This applies in particular to the geographical periphery of the country, such as the Canary Islands.

La Palma lacks industrial- and production facilities, and because of the strict government austerity, transfers from Madrid are reduced to the core.

With the collapse of the construction industry in La Palma, almost every second parent is now unemployed. The unemployment benefit is only temporary and social welfare or other public support is very limited.

The people are unable to pay their mortgages and unemployed people loose their health insurance, failing to secure their families.

Many children are sent to school without breakfast or even a snack for later on. If the family does not have an orchard they even struggle to feed all sufficiently.

There are now various actions to collect food to distribute to families in need, to ensure the anonymity of the people these actions happen mostly coverted.
The victims are in particular children and the elderly.

As a result of the growing problems in La Palma, Asociación SOS La Palma was founded by foreigners who have found a second home in La Palma and now living here permanently. All of them wishing to express their gratitude for the warm reception they have felt from the palmerian inhabitants in this beautiful place.

Asociación SOS La Palma collects donations from its members and supporters in order to distribute these directly to projects and social events helping palmerian families in need.