Activities 2023


September 2023

September 2023 – extra donation for the victims of the fire in Puntagorda in July 2023

Thanks to a generous donation from Germany, we were able to donate € 1’000- to the victims of the fire in Puntagorda: € 500 vouchers for food  and € 500.- for children’s clothing and school supplies.

We received the following letter of thanks:

From the Puntagorda City Council, we want to thank the Assosiation SOS LA PALMA, for the donation of € 1’000.- (€ 500.- in shopping vouchers and € 500.- for chidlrens clothing and school supplies) for the victims of the July 2023 fire.

Received on September 18, 2023.

Receive a cordial greeting and thank you again for the donation.”

Elia Rodríguez Ayuntamiento de Puntagorda




September 2023 – Extra donation for Los Sauces

We bought meat products for € 500.-


Dueño de la carnicería,                       Annette Ibarra SOS La Palma,                       Fania Concejala de Los Sauces


and fruit and vegetables for € 270.-

Dueña de la frutería,                  Annette Ibarra SOS La Palma, Fania Concejala de Los Sauces


Extra donacions 2023:

We donated vouchers for SPAR for about € 6’600.- for tho following municipalities:

More extra donations will be made soon!!


For Los Llanos vouchers of about   € 3’100.-
An article in the digital newspaper of La Palma “El Apuron” – 19. 8. 2023:

The Los Llanos de Aridane City Council collaborates with the SOS La Palma Association and the municipal Social Services. SOS L Palma made a donation of 3,100 euros in purchase vouchers to be exchanged at Spar supermarkets. An action that comes to give support to those local people who need it.

The mayor of Los Llanos,  Javier Llamas points out the importance of the work carried out by this Association, “since they are aware that there are still many situations to attend to, and their contribution represents an important help for the social assistance services that we provide from the City Council”.

For her part, the Councilor for Social Rights, Idaira Pérez, thanks the president of Solidaridad SOS La Palma, Annette Ibarra, “for the permanent involvement of this association with people without resources, in what constitutes an example of generosity and responsibility”. . He also shows his gratitude to Christina Rodríguez Pérez, who delivered the donation.

The SOS La Palma Solidarity Association is made up of foreign citizens living on the Island who wish to contribute to the extent of their possibilities to alleviate the situations of need on La Palma, supporting the work carried out by the public administrations, either economically or with the donation of products, or vouchers to redeem the same as on this occasion.


For Puntagorda vouchers for € 550.-

El incendio forestal de Puntagorda (La Palma) en imágenes


“Desde el Ayuntamiento de Puntagorda queremos agradecerles a SOS LA PALMA, la donación de 22 vales del SPAR de 25 € cada uno haciendo una cantidad de (550€).

 Recibidos el Lunes 21 de Agosto de 2023.

 Un saludo

Elia Rodríguez Rodríguez

Técnica de inserción PCI – Ayuntamiento de Puntagorda”

For Garafía  vouchers for € 1’100.-

El Cabildo concede una subvención al Ayuntamiento de Garafía para paliar  las desigualdades sociales

Consejala Daina Del Arco Iris Sgobino Allizio Christina Rodríguez Pérez SOS La Palma Kevin Molina, Trabajador social
For Garafía  vouchers for € 1’100.-

€ 550.- normal yearly donation for 2023  (+ 10% because of a general Price increase)

€ 550.- extra donation



For Tijarafe vouchers for € 1’100.-

El incendio forestal de Puntagorda también afecta a Tijarafe y dos  hidroaviones están en camino para actuar sobre las llamas - El Apurón


Concejala Yaiza Cáceres Lorenzo Christina Rodríguez Pérez SOS La Palma
For Tijarafe vouchers for € 1’100.-

€ 500.- normal yearly donation for 2023( + 10% because of a general Price increase)

€ 550.- extra donation


“Buenos días,
en el Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe hemos recibido una donación de SOS La
Palma compuesta por 44 vales del SPAR de 25€, haciendo un importe total
de 1.100,00€.
Adjunto imágenes de la recepción de los vales de compra.

Muchísimas gracias por su generosidad.

Un saludo.Tatiana Martín Benítez
Trabajadora Social – Ayuntamiento de Tijarafe “



Ayuntamiento de Tazacorte

For Tazacorte

vouchers for € 770.- as an extra donation




May 2023 – Donation for Tazacorte

We have donated € 700.-.



May 2023 – Donation for Santa Cruz

We have donated € 1’000.-.





April 2023 – Donation for Puntallana

We have donated € 500.-.

Social worker Lourdes,                                      Annette for SOS La Palma                          and Councillor María Rodriguez Rodriguez.


March 2023 – Donation for Puntagorda

We bought groceries for € 500.-




February 2023 – Donation for El Paso

We bought groceries for € 700.-

February 2023 – Donation for Los Llanos

We bought groceries and higiene products for € 1’000.-


February 2023 – Donation for Fuencaliente

We bought groceries for € 500.





January 2023 – Donation for Barlovento

We bought groceries and hygiene items for € 500.




January 2023 – Donation for El Paso for the victims of the volcano

We donated € 3,000: we bought shopping vouchers from Spar for € 1,500 and we bought groceries for € 1,500.

Annette Ibarra, SOS La Palma  


January 2023 – Donation for Los Sauces

We donated € 700: we bought meat for € 500 and fruit and vegetables for € 200.

Owner of the shop                                  Annette Ibarra, SOS La Palma                      Councillor Fanua Hernández


Owner of the shop                                             Councillor  Fanua Hernández

Annette Ibarra, SOS La Palma