Barlovento 2015


At the 10 th of March we from “Asociación Solidaridad SOS La Palma” gave a donation of about 500€   for people in need to the municipality of Barlovento .

They were very glad about this help.

Auf dem Foto María Zoraida Hernández und Rosabel Díaz García, Beauftragte des Sozialdienstes und Annette Ibarra von ” Asociación Solidaridad SOS La Palma”.
Above María Zoraida Hernández and Rosabel Díaz García, from the social services and Annette Ibarra from ” Asociación Solidaridad SOS La Palma”.

As a sign of their enjoyment we recieved a letter of thakfullness for our work.

"Danke Schön "-Schreiben des Bürgermeisteramtes von Barovento
Letter of Thanks