Breña Baja 2017


The foundation SOS La Palma donates 700€ to the food bank of Breña Baja The city hall of Breña Baja received once again, through Annette Ibarra (the foundation’s president) a generous donation from SOS La Palma; who was in charge of delivering the 700€ for the local food bank.

The mayor, Borja Pérez, pointed out that this initiative shows the support and the altruism of the association’s multicultural members, who feel the desire to help the most needy of the municipality. He personally also showed his gratitude to Anette Ibarra, the soul of this initiative, thanking her for the important solidary work.

The alderman of social services, Fran Martín, pointed out that this donation will help restocking the most important food of the municipal food bank. “By this, we will continue helping the families of this municipality who most need it, especially during this time of the year, when they had to face important scholar expenses”.

Annette Ibarra, who declared that Breña Baja is her second home, said that she will continue helping out as much as she can so that the community can have a chance to improve their quality of life.

Breña Baja 2017